4 Lost cards must be cancelled immediately at the Department of Protection Services of the I consent to the computer username being given to me/the STUDENT. I realize that password security is the personal responsibility of the STUDENT. I/STUDENT binds to the rules of use of the University`s computer facilities as contained in the relevant policy documents and brochures, and I/STUDENT assumes responsibility for all transactions carried out in the STUDENT`s username, including email and internet I understand that the University is entitled at any time to summarily cancel my registration/student, if it turns out that the information relating to this form is incorrect or incorrect. I further understand that the University reserves the right to cancel the admission/enrolment of my/STUDENT in the event that I/STUDENT has been admitted in error for any reason at a time when I/STUDENT does not waive/make payments on predetermined due dates, and if the University, at the sole discretion of the University, Should remit any amount of money to lawyers for collection, I agree to bear all costs that may be due and payable, including traceability fees, collection fees, attorneys` fees and all expenses of any kind at the level of a lawyer and his own client. 9 Ordinis seu excussionis (principle that a debtor is considered secondary and liable only after the recovery of the part due by the principal debtor): I am not entitled to compel the University to bring an action against the STUDENT as the principal debtor and to exonerate him first before claiming payment from me on the date Y Y M D D11 Step 1: What you need to apply. – PR02 (only for students of the R and ACT degree diploma) – Commitment form (all students) – Copy of the identity document (all students) – Final results Gr12 or December results GR11 for current registrants – Academic proof and copy of the certificate of qualification (phD students only) 5 The fees payable by me / the STUDENT will first be attributed to the aforementioned costs, then to interest and only then to the principal amount. A garnishment order may also be issued immediately against my employer(s) to seize my salary(s) or wage(s) to recover the unpaid amount in its entirety or in any amount invoiced to the University within the meaning of the University`s financial rules as published in the brochure entitled Fees and Financial Rules, is due and payable. may be established and proved by a certificate issued and signed by an authorized official of the University. If the above answer is YES, please provide the name of the institution and the amount due and attach all relevant details. Name of institution: Amount due: Signed this day of SIGNATURE OF PARENTS / GUARDIAN / GUARANTOR / SIGNATURE OF THE STUDENT PERSON FOR PAYMENT FIRST AND LAST NAME (please print) FIRST AND LAST NAME (please print)Identification number identification number K. 3 I also undertake / The STUDENT to the prescribed rules concerning lost cards (the rules in question are provided when the card is issued and are available for information purposes in the office of B.

the Dean of Studies with the corresponding brochure). University cards are issued to all students and are necessary, among other things, for the use of sports facilities and the library, canteens, restaurants and for personal identification in certain classes, at exam places and in the computer network. This card is issued on the basis of the data provided by the STUDENT or in the name of the STUDENT, so that the card can be issued to the STUDENT after registration. Among other things, the STUDENT is supposed to carry the card visibly on his person and treat it as a debit card. The card remains the property of the university and must be returned at the end of its studies. University number: J. OBLIGATION OF THE STUDENT (IF THE STUDENT IS A MINOR, WE ALSO NEED THE SIGNATURE OF THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN.) 1. I declare that I/my son/daughter (hereinafter referred to as the STUDENT) have completed the form in its entirety and that the information is true, and I would like the STUDENT to be accommodated as a RESIDENT STUDENT in one of the dormitories of the University. If I/student is in urgent need of medical assistance during my stay at the residence, I authorize the caretaker or his/her assistant to consult a doctor or an exercise specialist.

If emergency surgery or other treatment is required, I authorize the custodian or his/her assistant to give the required written consent to my/her STUDENT. (Does not apply to distance learning students.) 2 3. I/we, the undersigned, are responsible for the prompt payment of all funds payable to NWU in connection with the registration of my/STUDENTS and/or association with NWU, now and in the future, as further stated in the official University brochures established and amended by the University Council from time to time. The content of these brochures forms the basis of the financial agreement between the University and me/us and shall be deemed to be incorporated into this Agreement in its entirety. I will immediately provide proof by fax of any deposit/payment by or on behalf of the STUDENT in connection with the funds deposited in the University`s bank account so that the University can credit the STUDENT`s personal study account, with permission that a student card may be issued to me/STUDENT, and I assume responsibility for all financial and other transactions, which are negotiated and concluded through them. Map. 8 WARRANTY (IF ANY)1. I, the undersigned, full identity number of first and last name hereby binds me as guarantor and co-debtor in solidum ( , for the total amount) for the performance of all his financial obligations to the University by the STUDENT in accordance with section J paragraph 3 confirms that I understand the meaning of the term in solidum, as explained in the paragraph above2. I hereby waive the benefits resulting from the legal exceptions of duobus vel pluribus res debendi et ordinis seu excussionis and confirm that I am aware of the legal effect of the aforementioned waiver, namely that it involves the following: Duobus vel pluribus res debendi (principle that a debtor is only liable for part of the amount to be paid): The University may, in its sole discretion, require full payment of all unpaid funds due to it either from the STUDENT, from me as security or jointly from both of us.

Note: A motivation of +/- 250 words that explains why you want to register for this qualification and what you want to achieve by completing it. No application will be accepted without a cover letter The last admission for new students took place on April 30, 2019. Only pipeline students who have modules can apply for this qualification and also receive a limited time to complete. Step 4: The admission requirements of the program for which the student applied will be used to evaluate the application. 6 As the place where this agreement was concluded, I hereby undertake to transfer to the University all intellectual property rights that may arise in the course and scope of the STUDENT`s studies and research at the University. by signing the necessary documents. I understand that in case of commercial use of these, the University will pay me/the STUDENT in connection with the same policy that applies to the employees of the University I understand that the University will take all reasonable steps to prevent me/the STUDENT from being injured or injured for injury or damage, whether or not caused by the negligence of the University or any of its employees. or a classmate, 10 years old and I agree not to make any claim against the University with respect to any such violation or damage.

Step 5: Based on the results of the assessment process, the status of the application is updated on the system. Step 7: Ready to apply? Apply online at vssweb.nwu.ac.za/aaa-webclient/UnsecuredLearnerEnquiriesWin.do#/top Step 2: The application is done online and on the NWU system. • Notify the student if there are still any documents pending. Step 6: The student will be informed of the change in status. The meaning of each status can be found under fal.cn/3aAea. . Step 3: Administrative staff check again if all necessary documents are attached. No new students will be admitted to this qualification. .